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The Green Economy’s Next Secret Weapon: Baby Boomers

The Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964 sent shock waves through American society and culture. They were raised on television; they tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. They took to the streets to stop the Vietnam War and later started hedge funds and issued junk bonds on Wall Street. They were a force to be reckoned with. And they still are today.
RLTV’s Boomer initiative lets viewers discover where they are today and why Boomers aren’t content to simply ride a golf cart into the sunset. Now mostly in their fifties and sixties, they still plan big things. And they’re still changing America. At RLTV, we’re bringing our viewers a front row seat on how and why it’s happening. 
What Boomers care about has changed. They’re more apt today to think about entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and taking care of larger nuclear families then they are about following the Grateful Dead and inventing entire market sectors like Silicon Valley. But they’re doing on their terms, nobody else’s.
At RLTV, our Boomer initiative reflects this new wave in the lives of boomers. Our documentary special Boomers 2.0: A Generation Re-imagined digs deep into the lives of boomers today and allows viewers to open a window on where they are going tomorrow. And our Town Hall special asks today’s thought leaders how society and culture, from Madison Avenue to Hollywood, is reflecting the changes. 

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