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Powur is a new direct marketing company that aims to take advantage of the fast-growing world of solar power.
Find out if Powur is worth your time and money today in our review.
Actually before we light up some truth about solar and Powur, nothing more needs to be discussed or debated until you watch this gem of a golden nugget message.
Let’s review all of the brief benefits of this business opportunity with solar panels and solar energy home installation.
No inventory to buy
No monthly product purchase requirement
People already buy the product (electricity) — we simply provide clean, renewable, solar electricity at a lower cost.
Powerful mission! We convert sunlight into pure energy with crystals, 
mitigating climate change and giving power back to the people.
$100 billion dollar market with less than 1% market penetration.
Huge commissions. Most commissions on consumer products are around $25 – $50. With Powur, a $500 commission is paid to you and the network on each home that upgrades to solar (and you never had to buy the product to resell).
Upside of a start-up with the backing of a $5B publicly traded company run by Elon Musk (how cool is that). I like being in business with the person who founded Tesla, SpaceX, and co-founded PayPal.